Mirko Guido, born in Lecce, Italy, is an independent choreographer and performer based in Stockholm.
His main focus at the moment is on the development of methodological strategies for the creation of choreographic works. His practices explore subjects of kinesthetic experience and reenactment of embodied archives, and are fed by notions of perceptual and cognitive science studies. The common line in his researches is the question of how, through body, perceptual abilities and creation of meanings, we make sense/sense of the world around, and of ourselves into the world.
As independent performance maker he presented works internationally, in venues such as Weld (Stockholm, Sweden); Zeitraumexit (Mannheim, Germany); Teatri di vita (Bologna, Italy); Dance Station(Belgrade, Serbia); Tanzhaus (Zürich) and Lokremise (St. Gallen) in Switzerland; Schwere Reiter (München, Germany); 6th Athens dance festival (Greece) among others in Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
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