This is fiction//you are fiction too is an artistic project on the deconstruction of the idea of subject towards the perception of a choreographic self, where the distinction between fiction and reality is precarious.
The protagonist of the show is K.
K is a fictitious character made of true stories, or stories that could have been true, that might have been true, or neither of those. However, K is made of actual places, spaces and emotions.
K is interpreted by Kenneth. Kenneth is the living tissue of K, and both his timeless poetic self and his real-time prose self.
This is fiction//you are fiction too is a machinery of dreams and undetermined stories. In this story K is intent on re-enacting and re-embodying the narratives of Kenneth. The attempts and the failings in reproducing the real, give life to a fiction-within-fictions that, although unreal, feels more real than reality. 
Concept and choreography_Mirko Guido
In collaboration with and performed by_Kenneth Bruun
Light and set design_Jens Sethzman
Composer and sound designer_Franz Edvard Cedrins
Texts_Kenneth Bruun and Mirko Guido
Voice_Kenneth Bruun
Artistic assistant and coordinator_Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena 

Co-produced by Dansens Hus (Stockholm) 
With the support of, Weld, Italian Institute of Culture (Stockholm) and PACT Zollverein (Essen)
With the contribution of Kulturrrådet and Konstnärsnämden 
Administration Interim Kultur

Performance dates and place
_Dansens Hus Stockholm (24-25 January 2018) 

What if reality is a perceptive and subjective action? What if there is not one reality, rather a number of interactive realities? How many realities and narratives are held into one body? What is the distance between the fiction (me) and the real (me)? What shapes what?
If perceiving is an action, the perceiver is the main maker of his/her personal reality.​​​​​​​
The project takes inspiration from the theory on the formation of the subject by the psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan, and it references works of the artists Samuel Beckett and David Lynch to explore the idea of a subject that is unborn, half-born or non-existing.
The performance of Kenneth is an interplay between universes of fantasies, memories and invisible forces presented through the sensorial body in the fleeting now. Every gesture is the materialization of past traces carved in the present moment; a constant dialogue between embodied history, memories, senses and emotions. This action of transcendence between embodiment and disembodiment produces a series of ever changing self-portraits, and a tension that suspends any representation to a state of incompleteness.
The performance is a close-up look at the minimal shifts of dimensionality that make the protagonist of this world  moving through his journey; it’s an intimate sharing of interior states and stories, which resonate as refracted into the unintelligible world. The journey evolves through delicate changes, with rhythmic textures that overlap like shadows to keep the potential narrations aloft. The space created by the swaying between self and non-self, between presence in the now, in the memory and in the imaginary, generate theatrical and filmic images full of unresolved tensions.
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